Friday, October 9, 2009

Some People Play With Their Food...

...We Play With Our Clothes.

I bought my 19 year old K.U. guy this shirt
(it was a full shirt at the time)
a couple of years ago. I guess I was hoping for
a preppy thing to happen. He took it out of
the sack, said thanks and then hung it in my
closet. I don't know if that was a nice way of
saying he didn't like my taste or what, but there
it has hung for these two lonely years. I
saw it this morning while putting laundry away
and bells and whistles started going off!
Here it is this afternoon..... is that fun or what?

I just cut the bottom off, unpicked the pocket, sewed it back on the part I had just lopped off and turned that little hummer into this cute little skirt. I even made a little scalloped edge hankie to go in the pocket, just like Daddy. This is even one the "clothing deconstructor" and "funky hippy girl" might wear (longer of course).


  1. Holy smoke....this skirt is THE most adorable redo I have seen in a long time! I am going to have to search through hubby's closet heeeheeeheee
    Love it!

  2. Ooowee I love it!! Have you seen those dress refashions out of men's dress shirts??? I have like 4 of matt's shirts in my craft pile of projects I want to try! Nice work on originality!!

  3. This is really pretty-what a clever idea

  4. Cute idea. You are so creative! I love the buttons and the pocket.

  5. so cute! I will be trying this!