Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here We Go Again

Blue Scrap Shirt
My girls and I have so much fun playing with our clothes!
Here's our latest creation... inspired from a cute little petal covered backpack
I saw on Happy Together, and all the fun refashioning done on My Mama Made It.

I found a cheapy little white T at Wallyworld (Walmart) for $3.00, knowing we'd find something fun to do with it.

I made a bunch of roundish little hearts out of my favorite fabric (thisweek).

I made the cutting easy by folding up a long strip of fabric accordion style...

...and cutting them all at once.

I zig-zag tacked each little heart around the shoulder and neck of the shirt, with a little tuck in it to make it look like a petal.

I had a little "moment" while ironing it. Grrrrr! I ironed over the tag on the neck by accident and then smeared ink around the part of the neck that I was going to leave plain. Luckily, that's what refashioning is all about. Have a spot? Cover it up. So I just kept on adding petals until I covered up my accident.

Erika tried it on with a long jersey vest today and she looked so, so cute!

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  1. Bobbi I am dying right now!! Seriously I am doing this exact shirt right now! except, mine is long sleeved and I used white on white fabric!!!!