Monday, October 19, 2009

Plain Jane

Sing hail to etsy!!!! This is why I love the internet. I'm sitting here in my jammies at 11:00 pm browsing through fabric store after fabric store waiting for something to jump out and grab me. I was scrolling through Sew Deerly Loved when "POW" "BAM" Michael Millers "Plain Jane" bonked me on the head and said, "Hey! I wanna be a skirt." So I obediently clicked checkout and the rest is history. Now I will wait with baited breath for Jerry, our friendly neighborhood mailman to deposit them into my grubby little hands (or should I say "chubby" little hands?)., mildly middle-aged hands fits better. Sorry, I digress. Any way, I'm seeing great big giant rick- rack maybe, or a double skirt.....ooooooo I know, one of my A-line jumpers. Oh man! I feel insomnia coming on. Thanks a lot "Plain Jane"!
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  1. I agree...Etsy is the best! I love shopping for fabric after my kids are sleeping! Thanks for the tip on Sew Deerly Loved! Very cute fabric! :)