Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another "Gotta Try It"

I'd like to introduce you to my new little
friend. I know.. it's really sad and lame
that I would consider a fabric butterfly my
friend. (Don't tell my kids, they'll never let
me hear the end of that one!!)

I saw this cute little gal over at Lollychops
and just had to give it a go. She also has
a really cute Christmas tree version as
well, you really need to check it out.

You stack a bunch of your favorite fabrics
and cut a little butterfly out of them. There is
a template over at Miss Lolly's place
if you flunked art.

Then you scrunch 'em all up like a bunch
of spit wads. I did actually lick my hands
when I did this to make them roll better.

I ironed them in their scrunchy state. Miss Lolly
says you don't really need too, but my fabric looked
kinda floppy if I didn't....so I did.

You sew them together in the tummy.
Kinda like a tummy tuck!

I dug into a bowl of dillies from back in the day
and found a cute little buttony, flower thing
to dress her up with.

I gave her some antenna's and VOILA!

Isn't she cute?
Now..... run over and check Lollychops out.
Look for the link to a cool mini pie in a glass jar recipe.
That's next on my "gotta try" list!


  1. Looks really good - I like the addition of cute crochet bits :)

  2. Really cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.