Saturday, October 3, 2009

Refashioned Jean Skirt

In between General Conference sessions this afternoon we went on a "leaf drive" . We drove up Old Snowbasin Rd and found a sweet little trail to leaf hunt on. While taking pictures I noticed that Erika had on our latest fashion experiment.

She found a white levi skirt at the D.I. (our equivalent of a thrift store). She wanted to make it unique so we went to the fabric shop and found some fabric that reminded her of a scarf we recently saw at "Urban Outfitters". We cut the skirt straight across at the bottom, about 1/2" below the zipper, gathered the fabric and sewed it on where we had just cut. She loves the raw edge look so we re-enforced the bottom with a straight stitch, but left it raw.

Sew Simple!

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