Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fabric Audition For Michelle

All right Michelle. I went down to the sewing room
and came up with a few new options for the ruffle skirt.
You could go cute with a Mary Engelbreit look, or....

...funky, or....

...classy, or...


A couple of other thoughts. I'm happy to sell you that fat quarter, but I could also make you up matching appliques. The only thing is, I only do iron on appliques these days. I did a one time custom order of matching shirts, but finding decent shirts wasn't very cost effective as far as time goes. I wouldn't sell anyone a cheapy shirt. So if you would be interested in that you could take a peek below. Other wise I will be happy to sell the fat quarter.

I do a this little applique with a bow in her hair that matches the skirt, or....

...I could do something similar to this.
Just let me know.
Your wish is my command :)


  1. bobbi - have you seen these?

    you could totally do them too!! i hope you are well!!

  2. I love the skirt and I'm sure that my daughter would love it too !