Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Once in a while you come across a customer
who you really, really enjoy doing business
with. I decided that when I find one of these
kind of folks I'm going to let them
know with .....

The Bobbity-Best Award!

(once again there are teenage eyes rolling)

So, drum roll please.......
My very first Bobbity-Best goes to.....
Jennifer at Wife and Mama .
Why, You ask? Well, we've been
working on some custom stuff for
the last couple of weeks. It would be
so easy to be demanding in a situation
like that, not taking into account
that on the other end there is a human
being with laundry and grocery
shopping as well as sewing to do. So...
for being a kind and thoughtful
customer....this award's for you
Besides this little award Jennifer will be receiving a surprise in her order that will be in the mail tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my word . . . You are too kind! Thank you so much for this award . . . I would like to thank my mother and God . . . Hee hee. I am on the edge of my seat to what creative items you have made :)