Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No TV????

Last Saturday our two youngest decided they weren't
going to watch TV all day (it didn't last, I'm pretty sure I
remember hearing Sponge Bob by 4:00 or so). They
had great intentions though, and made this big long
list of things they would do together. Among the
adventures was "make crayons".

They unwrapped a bunch of broken crayons

Broke them and separated them into little condiment cups.
They then melted them in the microwave.
VERY, VERY HOT...this is a big kid or mommy job.

They started with one color, poured a little in the bottom of
each mold and let it set for a few minutes before they
poured the next color.

....and this is what they ended up with!



  1. What creative kids you have, lady. These turned out adorably!

  2. So true! My children are much happier on the days they don't watch TV. We have a "no TV on the Sabbath" rule--with exceptions for General Conference and a very few othre things. What peace it brings. And, the children get involved with truly worthwhile things, like your children did. TV stifles creativity. Try weaning them off a little--they will discover themselves.

  3. SO cool! What a great idea. I love your kids. They are so clever and creative. They must get it from their mom!

  4. what mature kids to realize tv is a waste of time! i am 26 and still spend all my down time (late at night when the kids are asleep) watching it. i need to follow their lead, i would be more productive. good job kiddos!!!! it shows what a good mommy they have