Friday, February 5, 2010

More Family Fun!

Remember the "gotcha pillow" from Christmas time?
If not, click the link and go to the bottom of that post to see
what we did with the pillow.
Well, in honor of the holiday of love (which by the way
I think is kind of silly, shouldn't we say I love you
everyday?)..... I've resurrected the
"gimmick", as my kids call it, in another form.

Last year I made these little hearts to hang from our light during our Valentine's Day dinner. This year I gathered them up into a bunch and tied the yarn into a loop at the top so that they can hang on a doorknob.

It's pretty much the same thing,
different item, as the "gotcha pillow".

Who ever has the hearts hanging on their bedroom
doorknob has 1 day to do a kind deed for someone
else in the family. When they have done that deed
they hang the hearts on the recipients doorknob
and so we go again.


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