Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alice and the Queen

I'm always up for a good challenge, in fact I love it when customers ask me if I can make something that they've had swimming around in their minds. I've got a customer who is taking her daughters to the Hollywood premier of Alice In Wonderland. She asked if I could make her two skirts, one that looks like Alice's (easy) and one that looks like the Queen of Hearts. The trick is that she doesn't want them to look costumey. I'm excited to try to figure out how to turn the queens outlandish skirt into a cute little girls skirt (not costume). Very fun!


  1. That is fun! Please be sure to post photos when you are done. We'd love to see them!

  2. I love that you use gathered ruffles on everything. I came over from Tatertots... Gathers were the irritation for me when I sewed. I tried to find things that took no gathers. I always looked like Ma Jode in Grapes of Wrath. It was the eighties. I quit sewing.