Monday, November 23, 2009

While The Bread Sticks Baked.....

...We made some leg warmers.
(just that fast)

Liesl found this bright, big, bulky sweater at the D.I.
She bought it, not because it was cute, but because she saw
something else in it. Leg warmers and a sweater vest.
So, we cut off the sleeves.

Zig-zagged the raw edge. This was one loosely woven sweater.

We then turned the zig-zagged edge under about an inch and
a half. If she had wanted them to stay up I would have slipped
some wide elastic in the casing. But she wanted them to
slouch down so we just left them with a wide hem.

And before the dinger dinged (bread sticks remember)
......she had some leg warmers.


  1. i love this!!! i wish i had more time to rummage throw the goods at DI!! i love that place and have found some fantastic little treasures!!

  2. Cool idea, Bobbi! :)
    It's a great thing to repurpose clothing! I sometimes go through my stash of outgrewn kids clothes and look at everything about 3 times to come up with something to convert this into. Loving your ideas! Keep them coming!

  3. These are so cute! I featured them on my sidebar today!