Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mindy Mae's Market

I was recently invited to join Mindy Mae's Market.
That doesn't mean anything to most of you, but here, it's the
next big thing in northern Utah. Mindy Mae's was
featured last week on Studio 5's week long segment,
"What's New In Your Neighborhood".
What is Mindy Mae's Market?..... click below to find out!

So, I've spent this snowy Saturday afternoon trying to
figure out how to display my wares in a 5' x 2' space.
I decided to go vertical! This trusty door has come in
handy so many times, last time it was placed on
saw horses and used as a table at our grown up lemonade stand.

I've also been busy coming up with some new tags.

HERE'S A HEADS UP...... I will be closing my shop for the holidays on Dec 1st. I'll reopen January 1st. So, if you have been planning on buying something you might want to get on that. For you locals, I will be at Mindy Mae's Clinton show on Dec 4 & 5. I'll post more about that as it gets closer.


  1. Looks so cute! I love the tags! And ma and I will totally come to the market to see you! How fun!

  2. I would love to come check tgigns out. I like your door idea and the tags are awesome.