Thursday, November 12, 2009

Idea's That Are Better Than Mine!

I got my Country Living magazine today..... MMMM, I sat outside "Grandma's Closet", a local boutique where Miss Erika takes guitar lessons, sipped a D.C., watched the leaves fall and flipped through it's idea packed pages.
I love planning Thanksgiving.....the table scapes, the food, the fun.....just love it.
So, here are a couple of idea's I'll be adding to the "cute butter" this year.
How simple, but also elegant is this? This came from their website so I'm not exactly sure what it is. It looks almost like masking tape (?), whatever it is.....I'm using it!
Love this table scape. I've done the napkin rings with big monograms before, but not the line up of candles. You'd have to put your food on a side table, but I like that better anyway.

We aren't at the "kid's table" stage yet, but when we are I will remember this..... to cute!


  1. I love this idea for Thanksgiving too . . .

  2. I like all the candles idea. I also prefer to put my food out buffet style and not on the table. Mostly because I am limmited on space.

  3. I just love how you titled this post. You are so cute!