Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spot On!

One of the things I love about the handmade bloggy world is that we are all happy to help each other out. My new friend at Glitter By Grammie asked if I would do a product review/giveaway for her. In return she would make a custom necklace/bracelet set for one of my girls. Heck yeah! I asked her to make something for Liesl, A.K.A. Funky Hippy Girl. I was interested to see what she would come up with since Liesl is not a girly-girl, or a froo-froo, in any way. Liesl is a nature girl. I told "Grammie" all about Liesl and then waited to see what she came up with...... She rose to the challenge and was spot on!

One of the many things I told her about Liesl was that she was a big Twilight fan. So the necklace she got was entitled, "Edwards Tear". Perfect!
Grammie sent Liesl a personal note with the set, explaining the name and meaning behind it. It made Liesl feel so special to think that someone she didn't even know took the time to make her happy. I was impressed with the workmanship as well. You do good work Miss Grammie!!

This weeks giveaway is a custom made necklace/bracelet set just for you, made by Grammie herself.

To enter you must visit Glitter By Grammie's shop, check out her stuff and then comment here on my blog as to which of her necklaces you like best.

For extra entries you can:

  • Heart Grammie's shop
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Make sure that you leave a comment for every entry you have, that way it will be counted when I use

This giveaway will end at midnight on Friday Nov 20th.


  1. I love "I just love Butterflies" the most!


  2. "Tan Shell" would be more Danielle's style. As an athlete and lover of the outdoors, she likes the bigger, bulkier look. She definitely is not dainty.

  3. LOVe the blue cross for my daughter!

  4. Heather loves the fall trees necklace the best. All are very cute.

  5. I am now a follower of your blog, shouldn't I have been forever ago!!

  6. there are too many to pick. I like the precious ones though.

  7. Blue, Blue and more blue--because I like the heavenly color!

  8. i like the fall colors necklace!

  9. Blue, blue and more blue Necklace

  10. I follow grammie and I love her stuff I cant even pick a fav because there are too many!!!

  11. I am now a follower of you too!!!! YAY!!!