Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh My Word

I totally despise New Years resolutions and never use the word goal. Somehow my little brain has attached those two things to another word....failure. Years ago I gave up the habit of writing down goals at the beginning of the year for the more pleasurable experience of writing down accomplishments at the end of the year.
My niece Mandy (her grown up, mother of 3.5 name is Amanda, but she'll always be Mandy to me) has also found an alternative to the dreaded "g" word. Every year she comes up with a word, which becomes her mantra for the year. Clever and positive....I love it. This year I decided that I would chose a word too, my word(s) is......
I really want to focus on living in the present moment. I want to learn to stop what I'm doing and truly listening to my children. So often I am looking at them, nodding my head saying, "uh huh, uh huh." But I don't hear a word they say. Alert the staff at "Mother of the Year", maybe I'm a candidate!
I was so excited to find a little necklace under the tree Christmas morning with my word(s) on it! My sweet Steve had gone to Katherine at Pretty Little Me (another niece and Mandy's little sister) and ordered it just for me. AWWWWWW.

Here's an example of another necklace she has in her shop. I love it, nurture....what a great word.

If you could choose a word for 2010 what would it be?