Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beaded Safety Pin Watch

Did you ever make beaded American flags out of safety pins? I did when I was little and then again with the kids right after 9/11. Here's a fun little spin off on beaded safety pins. The girls and I have been wanting a watch (one of the joy's of teenager daughters....sharing), one that was whimsical, fun and different from everyone else's. Here's what we came up with.
A beaded safety pin watch.

You will need:
  • small safety pins
  • seed beads
  • stretchy jewelry floss
  • a watch face
  • needle nose pliers

I found all of these at our local craft store.

I cut two 10" pieces of floss, folded them in have and tied them to each side of the watch.

Next, I loaded beads onto the safety pins and then slightly pushed the large end of the safety pin together with needle nose pliers. This creates a small hole in the top end.

Next, I slipped the safety pins onto the floss. I would thread "every other" pin through the small hole I created with the pliers. Doing this will give the piece more stability and will make it look fluffy. I tried it only going through the middle and it ended up looking more like something you'd make at camp! Not what we were going for :)

Last.... when both sides are finished tie them together in a sturdy knot.



  1. I love that. How long did it take to make it!

  2. That is really cute! I have been making those adjustable band watches, but I have some of these type of watch faces that I need to use. I will have to try it!


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