Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Blues?

Here's a fun little game we play every January to stave off the January blah's. It's called "Where In The World Is Yo Mama?", the kids just call it "Yo Mama!".
I take random pictures around town of things we often drive by, then crop them so that they are just a little bit out of context.

I put a piece of butcher paper up on the door that leads out to our garage and every few days I post one of the pictures. You could get all fancy and use scrapbook paper and die cut letters, I just don't have time.

When the kids figure out where it was taken they come and whisper the answer to me. If they tell anyone else they are out of the game. When they get one right they get a candy bar, or the money that I would have spent on that candy bar since some of us are trying to be healthy.

The kids love this game, even their friends get in on it when they are over. It's a fun way to take the blah out of January.


  1. That is a great game! I'm going to try it but my kids maybe to old! It sounds like fun though!