Sunday, January 31, 2010


Wondering what I did with the twigs and the old hymn book?

Well.... we have this weird empty corner in our music room
where piano meets couch, (small room, big furniture). I've
watched enough HGTV to know that my weird corner is a
no no. The problem is....we don't have money to go out and
buy new furniture, so I decided that maybe I could at least do
something to soften the assault on the eyes.

It is important to me that the things in our home have personal
meaning. So I thought that rather than go to the store and buy
a fake tree, or a screen, I would make something from things
that mean something to us. So I snipped of a bunch of limbs
from our favorite tree and found an old hymn book (we have
a bunch of them) to make into leaves, and now we have a....


It's not to tough to figure out how it's done.
Just make a leaf template and trace leaves onto a page.
I cut several pages out at a time so all of them weren't
To remedy this I just went around the edge of each
leaf with a permanent marker.

Next you put glue on the back of two leaves.
Adhere them to the end of the branch, one being the front
of the leaf, the other the back.

I didn't try to be precise and perfect with the outlining.

Problem solved....weird corner is softened.


  1. Very I'm wishing I had a "weird corner."

  2. Way cute! I love it! I'm like you I can't just buy stuff to buy stuff it needs to have some kind of meaning!

  3. Hmmm you live next door to the church and you happen to have extra hymn books...??? What a coincidence. I am kidding of course. That is way creative and you are so cute.