Saturday, September 26, 2009

Modest Is The Hottest

When my kids were little and we were visiting the mall I would always tell them I'd give a dollar to the first one who saw a modest prom dress. OK.... I confess I said this for two reasons, one: because I knew they wouldn't find one and I wouldn't be out the dollar, and two: a little brain washing never hurt anyone. If mom would offer a whole dollar for a modest dress, then modest dresses must be really cool things. Fast forward about 12 years......what do you do when you have to actually find a modest dress? In most cases, buy the immodest one and fix her up!

All it took was a little visit to the fabric store for blue silky stuff and brown tulle.
What once was a strapless dress is now something Liesl will feel comfortable wearing. All you need to do is measure over the shoulders and cut a length of fabric to fit. I cut it 6" wide and then gather each end so that it ends up 3" wide. All that's left is to hand stitch it to the inside of the bodice (back and front). EASY PEASY!
Can I just say,,,, I love her funky style!

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