Friday, September 25, 2009

5 Minute Headband... yea, really!

Let me just say up front, this is not an original idea, I borrowed it from my amazingly talented niece, Brandi. She is such a creative little mommy, always making cute things for her kids out of nothing. You should totally slip over to her blog and see some of the cute stuff she's made.

First you have to audition your fabric. Hmmmmmm! What shall we do?

I'm thinking quiet and understated for this one.

Cut a strip of fabric 33" long, tapered at the ends and about 2"
wide at the middle as shown above.

For the flower I am using a strip of fabric taken from a sleeve
of an old cardigan of mine. My daughter cut the sleeves off
to make a super cool vest.

Cut a couple of leaf shapes. When it's time to assemble the flower
you will pile the small strip of fabric on top of your band in a
funky, half-hazard way.

Before assembling the flower however, you will want to run some top stitching, in a contrasting thread, around the band and the leaves.

Then pile the flower fabric on and stitch right on top of it.
Don't try to make it perfect, that's the cuteness of it.

And.... voila, there's your 5 minute headband.

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