Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brilliant Kelsey!

I know you know this already, but I love teenagers. Especially those who are brave enough to think a little bit outside of the box and be themselves. You've read about Erika's adventures in refashioning old clothes (when I see her heading to my closet with scissors in hand I know that the creative juices are flowing!).
Now I want to introduce you to a cute little gal who has found a use for her old Barbie shoes. Meet Kelsey McKay, daughter of my bloggy/facebook friend Kristine. Kristine is amazingly crafty (you will definitely want to check out her web site) and it looks as if there's a little "like mother, like daughter" thing going on. You can read the whole tale here.
NOTE TO KELSEY: I told your mom this once, but I want to tell you..... you keep being your funky little self. I love that you aren't afraid to be yourself (especially as a 7th grader). What you'll find is that kids will naturally gravitate towards you. If you are comfortable just being you and not having to "fit into the mold" then they will feel comfortable around you. I have two girls (boys too, but they don't count in this post), a senior and a 9th grader, their favorite place to shop is the DI! For non-Utah types, the D.I. is a thrift store. Last Monday Erika (she's the 9th grader, and an SBO, so kids must not think she's too weird, LOL) sent this text to everybody (not just her friends), "Ugly sweater Tuesday, see ya at the DI". Sure enough, the next day there were about 20 ugly sweater kids at school and more that told Erika, "oh man, I should have known you would really do it....I'm wearing one next week for sure". How fun is that? So, you just keep being you Miss Kelsey..... cuz you rock!

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  1. Thank you so much! Kelsey loved your kind words. You are soooo talented! Thanks for making her (and my) day : )