Thursday, December 17, 2009

picture courtesy of CountryLiving Magazine
Who on earth would be afraid of Carmel's?

Somebody, somewhere along the way must have told me that carmel making was hard, because I have never dared try to make them. I have always left it to sweet Sister Brown, our little widow friend, to provide us with our favorite holiday treat.


I was thumbing through this months CountryLiving magazine and saw this recipe. I don't even think it's the "easy" one, but for some reason I thought, 'Hello? You can do that, it's just like sewing, all you have to do is try.' So I did and can I just say YUM!!!!! They are, by far, the best Carmel's I have ever tasted. So rich and melty in your mouth, salivating here just talking about it! I had to hurry and wrap them up in their little gift bags before I ate them all.

If you have any time left at all.....


  1. Love the new layout! I have been kind of bored with ours to! Change is good huh! I have no idea why your elastic thread doesn't work! that is so weird!

  2. Heading to the kitchen now...oops, no heavy cream. Well, that is easily fixed. Thanks for the tip. They really do look good.